The Reality of Healing Diastasis and Sport Participation

Last week NPR released an article to fix diastasis recti in 10 minutes a day. The article goes on to explain a study where participates performed the "navel to the spine" exercise, which engages to [...]

Organic Gold Dust Diet

I have an issue that really sets me off, and it's all about the hypocrisy that we have when it comes to our diets - or at least truly owning them.   Just like many [...]

Do your shoes tell a story?

Last Friday at my son's end of the year picnic, I was chatting with a few of my mommy friends from his class. At some point, the attention was drawn to one of the woman's [...]

Are you intentionally breaking yourself?

I attended a workshop last weekend to learn more about Hypropressives and Low Pressure Fitness. I'm sure I'll be writing more about those techniques soon, but today I wanted to focus on something that ruffled [...]

Why You Hurt

My friends and family often refer to me as "Dr. Beth". Obviously I'm not a medical doctor, but as a Certified Athletic Trainer I've had plenty of experience evaluating injuries over the past 20 years, [...]

The Secret to Pain-Free Taining and Resolving Recurring Injuries

Have you ever had that experience where you just feel like you're plagued by injuries or illness? I know that I've worked with many athletes who seem to constantly be on the bench because of [...]

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