Bringing Play Back to Everyday Life

Helping teen girls deal with stress, anxiety, & overwhelm and claim their authentic identity by exploring movement, mindset, nutrition and play.

We've Lost the Ability to Play

Injury, aging out of sport, and even our schools' prevalence for piling on academic work is limiting our opportunities for natural play. Because of this, we're seeing a disconnect in our community connections and a rise in depression among children, teens, and adults. Beth Jones will help guide your teen on a journey to recover play, connect with simple nutrition approaches, and help to reignite a spark in your inner self.

Beth has been working with teens for over 20 years and has experience first-hand the effect that limited play is making on their lives. We're seeing more anxiety and depression, less ability to tap into and handle the emotions that come up for themselves and those around them, and just a disconnect from being able to live their authentic lives.

We have more unseen teens than other - both those who identify as neurodiverse as well as neurotypical teens. Beth has a special ability to connect with these unseen, square pegs because she was one herself. Her success to coaching teens using the BECOME method works because it's rooted in her experience as a teen, a teacher, and a wellness coach. 

That First Step

Movement is one of the first steps to healing. When we pair that simple movement with good nutrition and lifestyle habits, then we start seeing change. We see a connection to emotions, a revealing of authentic self, improve academic performance, and our teens stepping into themselves and being seen.

Healing physically from injury, and also supporting our mental health, requires taking that first step of moving. Then, moving with others enhances this all. First, we move to heal, and as we heal we can return to play.

Our Teens Need a Foundation to Grow

Teen are inundated with messages about body image, diets, and exercise, and many of these sources are not the best for their future health habits.

They also struggle with socio-emotional wellness, after being told what to do, how to react, and what activites and behaviors are acceptable. They've learned to wear a mask in order to fit in, when really they need to be taught how to listen to their authentic voice to guide their path.

Beth provides micro-lessons and resources to cover the foundation of wellness, so our teens can explore their interests in an unbiased manner, and have the support to start implementing new habits that fit with their emerging idenities.

Let's Grow Together

Daily ideas for play, resources to support a movement-based life, and a community to connect and grow with.

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