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Classes & Schedule

Women in the child bearing years have special considerations that play into their training. Whether you’re preparing for pregnancy, pregnant and maintaining your training program, or postpartum and returning to your sport, there specific training and nutrition techniques that can help you excel in each stage.

MamaSport Core Foundations

Fridays at 10am • The Family Room

Join Beth Jones for MamaSport Core Foundations, a class based in Restorative Exercise™ that is designed for anyone suffering from a core dysfunction (diastasis recti, incontinence, pelvic floor disorder, early postpartum, pregnancy pain, birth prep, etc.) and wants to return to an active lifestyle.  Each classes focuses on specific alignment points and corrective exercises to increase your strength, improve function, and resolve core dysfunction and pain. We’ll also discuss a different lifestyle or nutrition theme each week to help enhance the healing that the exercises provide. Class particants will receive a link to the exercises to practice during the week.


Appropriate for both pregnant and postpartum women (from 4 weeks to 20+ years). Please bring a yoga mat and water. No childcare provided. Limit 6 student per class, so please register and prepay to reserve your spot. Class packages and drop-in rates available.

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Mama Sport Balance & Restore


Whether we’re putting our bodies through the strain of pregnancy, juggling the life of a full-time working mom, or even just trying to keep everything running smoothly at home, our bodies are paying the price. Join Beth for 45 minutes of unwinding the overuse and stress that we put on our bodies.

Balance and Restore combines yoga and Restorative Exercise™ for a unique flow unlike you’ve experienced before. Imbalances in our bodies lead to conditions, such as low back pain, knee pain, pelvic pain, diastasis recti, and headaches, to name a few. These imbalances can even effect the positioning of our babies when we’re pregnant and effect the labor and birth ahead of us. The restorative nature of the class helps to counter the stress in our live, encouraging our hormones to return to their proper function, and help help women suffering from menstrual pain, PCOS, digestive issues, and even insomnia. Each week we focus on a different body part – addressing the imbalances and restoring proper movement and function.

Both pregnant, moms, and and any woman looking to include a helpful restorative practice in their health routines are encouraged to come.

Mama Sport Fire & Ice


This Metabolic Conditioning class brings together functional strength and Restorative Exercise™ to build function, form and strength during pregnancy and beyond. We begin with 20 minutes of high-intensity conditioning (tailored to your level of fitness and functional needs) to maximize fat burning and build foundation of core strength & function using barbell, kettlebell and functional movement patterns. The last 15 minutes of the class focus on restoring body alignment and flexibility to combat the overuse patterns that we engage in every day.

This combination is proven to help balance our hormone, reduce stress, and progress us in our health goals. There is a significant emphasis on core and pelvic health in the class.

Children are welcome to come to the class. There is an enclosed, parent-supervised, play area in the space, or smaller children can be worn or stay in their car seats near mom. Breastfeeding, pregnant, and newly postpartum mom (6+ weeks) are welcome to attend.

Weekly Schedule

Don’t see a time or location that fits your needs? I can arrange small group classes in various South Denver locations – including your own home! Contact me today to discuss options.