Active Confident Girls

Wellness tools and support for girls ages 8 through 18 years

About this Membership

The teen years for girls can be rough. Between the ages of 8-18, is when their worlds start to change. Girls move into puberty, start looking forward to their post high school plans, and often anxiety and depression levels skyrocket

We don't have to let our teen girls go this alone, or feel like their worlds are falling down around them. Instead, the Active Confident Girls gives them wellness tools to balance their ever-growing responsibilities and helps them to learn to use puberty as as Super Power!

This is the perfect time to start teaching our girls about healthy wellness habits, and let them know that how they are changing is totally normal.

 It's important that our daughters receive support during this time, but sometimes we don't always have all of the answers.

Luckily, you can get help to support your daughter and lay a foundation of wellness to grow from, and enable her to have her Best Years Ever!

Without Support

  • Body image issues & unhealthy habits
  • Disconnection from sports and activities
  • Increasing stress and anxiety
  • Lack of self-confidence & declining self-esteem
  • Trouble making new friends

With Support

  • Body Positivity & a Balanced Wellness Plan
  • Options to keep active with or without sports
  • Understanding of basic nutrition and food choices
  • Increased confidence and understanding of their identity
  • Peer supports & accountability

Support your daughter through these teen years with access to the resources that  help her learn about her changing body and how to keep it heathy. You can rest assured knowing that has the tools to stay healthy as she is presented with new challenges in her mindset and academic progress over the next few years.

Active Confident Girls provides your daughter with a wellness and education expert to walk her through these transition years, and establish healthy habits with her end goal in mind.  

Research shows that girls who are connected with a non-parental adult mentor and who also have the support from a peer community, are healthier and more successful in all areas of life. Life transitions that are implemented with a whole-body approach to wellness that includes movement, nutrition, and mindset, and where a girl has an active voice in designing her wellness plan, are the most successful with fewer hiccups along the way.

Active Confident Girls is a hybrid coaching program, combining online resources with group and optional 1-to-1 coaching, so that she has the support that she needs. This format not only takes some of the burden of answer questions off of you, but also ensures that you remain an active participant in the conversation.

In addition, our coaching program includes a parent hub and updates to keep you in the loop and aware of any red flags that arise, because it's hard when you're not sure how your daughter is doing.  

Seeing your little girls grow up is hard, and we all want a better experience for her than what we had. Enrolling her in the Best Year Ever membership gives you the comfort of knowing that your daughter will have a healthier approach to wellness than you did at her age. The foundations she receives will carry her through adulthood with less stress and concern on being perfect, and more focus on living an authentic, play-based life

What's Included

Weekly Focus & Micro Lessons

Weekly focuses and micro-lessons on movement, nutrition, mindset, and study skills designed to progress with your daughter during the transition into college and independent living

Monthly Group Calls

Connect with other girls walking a similar path to share struggles and concerns, get questions answered, practice new skills, and get the support that is needed.

Guest Experts & Special Events

Special events featuring guest experts sharing their advice on wellness, relationships, school success, and more!

Instant Access to Beth & Community

Direct access to Beth and other group members via Voxer, for those emergency moments. 

Online Library of Wellness Resources

On demand library of recipes, workout, mindset tools, and study skill resources designed for middle school girls and to support their busy schedules.

Membership Levels

Memberships include enrollment for one child and one parent. To enroll multiple children, please contact Beth for more details about discounted enrollment.



Per Month

  • Parent & Student membership to The Playground
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls 
  • Weekly Wellness & Movement Lessons
  • Access to BYE Parent & Student Hubs
  • Growing Wellness Library
  • Discounts on Special Events



Per Month

  • 1 Private Student Coaching Session per Month 
  • Parent & Student membership to The Playground 
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls 
  • Weekly Wellness & Movement Lessons 
  • Access to BYE Parent & Student Hubs 
  • Growing Wellness Library 
  • Discounts on Special Events



Per Month

  • 2 Private Student Coaching Sessions per Month 
  •  Parent & Student membership to The Playground  
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls  
  • Weekly Wellness & Movement Lessons  
  • Access to BYE Parent & Student Hubs  
  • Growing Wellness Library  
  • Discounts on Special Events



Per Month

  • Weekly Private Student Coaching Sessions
  • Free Access to Special Events
  •   Parent & Student membership to The Playground   
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls   
  • Weekly Wellness & Movement Lessons  
  •  Access to BYE Parent & Student Hubs   
  • Growing Wellness Library

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