Beating the First Year Blues

Wellness tools and support for girls entering their first year of college

About this Course

The transition from high school to college can be rough on our daughters. We're seeing an increasing number of freshman girls who struggle with anxiety, depression, and struggling in school. There are a lot of changes going on when we move from the safety net of our family to the independence that college brings, and without the correct, our daughters are more likely to engage in unhealthy coping behaviors and experience mental distress.

Without Support

  • Weight gain & unhealthy habits
  • Poor grades & study skills
  • Isolations & mental distress
  • Lack of judgement in new situations
  • Trouble making new friends

With Support

  • Maintain a fitness & movement program
  • Make healthy decisions around food & sleep
  • Learn how and what to cook
  • Balance independence with school responsibilities
  • Peer supports & accountability

Help your daughter beat these first-year blues with access to the resources that  help her excel and make a smooth transition. You can rest assured knowing that she is maintaining her physical and mental wellness, as well as her academic performance.

 Beating the First Year Blues provides your daughter with a wellness and education expert to walk her through those first few months of college, and establish healthy habits with her end goal in mind.  

Research shows that girls who are connected with a non-parental adult mentor and who also have the support from a peer community, are healthier and more successful in all areas of life. Life transitions that are implemented with a whole-body approach to wellness that includes movement, nutrition, and mindset, and where a girl has an active voice in designing her wellness plan, are the most successful with fewer hiccups along the way.

Beating the First Year Blues is a hybrid coaching program, combining online resources with both group and 1-to-1 coaching, so that she has that safety net even through she is away from home. In addition, our coaching program includes parent updates to keep you in the loop and aware of any red flag that arise, because it's hard when you're not sure how your daughter is doing.  

Letting go is hard, but enrolling her in the Beat the First Year Blues program gives you the comfort of connection for both your daughter and yourself.

What's Included

Weekly Focus & Micro Lessons

Weekly focuses and micro-lessons on movement, nutrition, mindset, and study skills designed to progress with your daughter during the transition into college and independent living

Weekly Group Calls

Connect with other girls walking a similar path to share struggles and concerns, get questions answered, practice new skills, and get the support that is needed.

Monthly 1:1 Coaching with Beth

Monthly meetings to review progress, set new goals, and connect with an adult to share successes and discuss challenges.

Instant Access to Beth & Community

Direct access to Beth via text or email, and other group members, for those emergency moments. 

Online Library of Wellness Lessons

On demand library of recipes, workout, mindset tools, and study skill resources designed for college-aged girls and to support their busy schedules.

Have Questions Before Signing Up?

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